Canvas Transfer

Picture or Print to Canvas!

This is a process whereby we take a poster, art print, map, etc., and transfer them directly onto a canvas.

1_ppg can traThe paper that the images are on is carefully removed and the image and laminate are mounted onto the canvas. Once mounted, a stretcher frame is custom built to size and the canvas is stretched onto the frame. The frame is then taped with your choice of colour (green, blue, brown, grey or black) linen tape and finished to hang on your wall.

The canvas transfers Picture Perfect Gallery offer are of the highest quality, unlike some ‘similar’ appearing products, as we start with only the best quality prints. Our transfers go through several stages with the final product appearing true to the original painting with a wonderful matte finish to reduce any possible glare.

If you wish to transfer a photograph onto a canvas, we can print the image directly onto the canvas and this comes with a glossy finish to protect the image.

Canvas transfer is perfect for areas you might not want glass and heavy frames, such as above your bed, kitchen, bathroom or a child’s room and offer a more economical way to showcase your art.

Ask any of our in-store staff and they’ll be pleased to show you our vast selection of canvas transfer art or let us special order something for you, at no additional cost of course.

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