Followed with the COVID-19 Guidance to Retail & Grocery stores


1. Monitor the number of customers and staff entering and leaving the store. Once the maximum number of persons for a store is reached, allow one person in for every person that leaves. The number of people in-store should be under 10 people(staff+customers) at the same time.


2. No customers allowed in the production area


3. Maximum two people in the consultation area


4.  Customers & Staff will follow the arrows on the floor to enter and exit the store.


5. Place hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol in dispensers near doors, pay stations and other high-touch locations for customer and staff use. Staff are required to use hand sanitizer often.


6. Staff are required to wear a PROPERLY FITTED mask (no open areas around your mouth).


7. Staff are required to wear gloves to handle the till and art. Operators and employees who choose to use gloves must ensure thorough hand washing before and after each change of gloves. Gloves must be changed regularly.


8. Staff are required to clean the printer (or anything else in the shop) if you use it. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as check-outs, consultation area, production area or hand baskets, ideally between each customer and use.


9. The supervisor is required to check & clean the tools after his/her shift ends.


Thanks for understanding and patient, we wish you all the best!