I’m Robert J. Rowson and I was born in England, I came to Canada (Alberta) as a teenager. I’ve enjoyed careers in performing arts administration and boatbuilding/restoration, spending time in the USA and Italy. I made my first mosaic in 1995 and realized immediately that I had found 

something significant. I fell in love with it – the process, the play of light on and through glass, the texture, the movement and depth and not least the age of the medium. I felt like the newest link in a chain of artists that stretches back to a time before classical antiquity – pretty cool. I was inspired by the mosaics of the Romans, Greeks and especially the Byzantines as well as my own process of discovering what is possible in this amazing medium.

In 2006, I was lucky to be able to go to Venice to study with two of the world’s most renowned mosaic artists, Lucio Orsoni and Giovanni Cucco. I stayed at the Orsoni factory where mosaic smalti (glass tile) of the finest quality has been produced since the 1880s. I had a “backstage” tour of San Marco with Maestro

Cucco who had been the head of restoration there, getting a close examination of some of the finest mosaics ever made – wonderful experience.

I moved to Victoria in 2007.

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