With 15 years photography experience and over 20 years of business experience, Dave has over 100 images published in books, magazines, calendars, etc. around the globe. Dave is continuously inspired by both landscape and wildlife photography and has photographed primarily and extensively across Western Canada and the Yukon. Dave is also an advocate for sound old growth forest management practices and believes that increasing public awareness through photography and videography, we can come 

to terms with preserving old growth forests in BC and beyond.

We picked some of our most favorite Dave Hutchison’s images to showcase on our website. More of Dave Hutchison’s images can be viewed on his own comprehensive website: https://www.davehutchison.ca/lmage-Galleries. You can order those images in different sizes and formats through our gallery, specifically the highest quality Chromaluxe HD Metal format.


  • Bears of BC Dales Gallery, Victoria, solo exhibition, 2010
  • Seascapes, Village Gallery, Sidney, group exhibition, 2014
  • Merry Christmas Picture Perfect Gallery, Victoria, group exhibition, 2018


  • Victoria Guidebook, 5 images + cover page, 2018
  • Canada Post Collections Canada1 imagecenter page, 2019
  • Victoria Guidebook, 5 images, 2019 Victoria Guidebook, 7 images, 2020
  • Pacific Music &Art West Coast wall calendar 45 images + 5 covers, 2015-2021
  • Willow Creek Press Orcas Wall calendar, 1 image + cover, 2021
  • Willow Creek Press Northern Lights Wall calendar,1 image + cover, 2021
  • Willow Creek Press Zen Wall calendar, 1 mage, 2021
  • Willow Creek Press Garden View Wall calendar, 2 images, 2021


  • “Drop in Time”, Professional Photographers of Canada, Loan Collection, 2020


  • “Best in Class” in Fine Art, PPOC National Image Competition, 2020
  • Photographer of the Year finalist, PPOC National Image Competition, 2020
  • Photographer of the Year finalist, PPOC-BC Image Competition, 2020


If you are interested in purchasing photographs of Dave Hutchison, please contact the gallery for in-stock selections and special orders.

If you want to view more photographs from Dave Hutchison, please visit his official website at www.davehutchison.ca