Memorabilia & Shadow Boxes

Do you have a neat keepsake you can’t seem to find a place for?

Keep your special trip upfront and centre – whether you’ve been down the street or on the other side of the world. Bring in your keepsakes, and we can show you how you can display them, so you always remember!

Well, we can create a great frame design for you to display unique and odd-shaped treasures.

A well-selected frame will enhance the colours of your item and your home to create an eye-catching art item.

Whether you have an Eric Clapton guitar or seashells from your last trip, bring it in and let our experts show you what’s possible.

Do you collect buttons, stamps, antique pens, menus, sports cards, comics, ties, rings, baby shoes, doilies or just want to remember you hole-in-one, we can create a look that expresses your personality, style and budget too!

A unique needlepoint!

Rare necklaces from around the world.

Our military men and women should always be honoured, forever.

Keep your daughter’s shoes – before long, they will turn into heels!

Keep your pet always in your heart.

Bring in your pet’s items – his favourite collar, leach, his name tag, any awards, a picture, etc., anything that helps you remember your loved pet.

Anything you want!

We’ve all collected our favourite wine labels!

Keep your special ones from a wedding, a trip, a gift, a special occasion or the most expensive!