Needlework needs care!

needlework2After the endless hours you´ve spent creating your needlework, we take the utmost care to make sure it´s properly handled and framed so you can proudly display it for years to come!

Before you bring in your needlework though, we recommend you have it professionally dry cleaned. Even if it looks clean, the oils from your skin may have gotten onto it and could eventually leave a spot.

Different types of needlework require different treatments. For example, we typically have to block a piece of needlepoint to make it square for framing. During the process of stitching, the types and tautness of the stitches can pull the canvas way out of shape. Cross-stitching generally stays in square so it simply needs to be mounted to give it a firm support. Our preparation is a time consuming process, so you end up with the perfect outcome. We painstakingly stretch the piece onto an acid free foam core with stainless steel needles evenly placed around the perimeter. Acid free tape is used to secure the piece.

In the old days, needlework was simply mounted onto wood, which deteriorates over time and may adversely affect the piece. If you have a cherished older needlework item at home, bring it to us to restore  – that way you and your family can continue to enjoy it.

1_ppg needlepoint makingNeedlework is usually framed with a mat. You choose a colour, appropriate width and shape or even multiple mats to highlight the item even more. Even with a very small design, the right mat can add drama and focus to your hard worked-on piece.

There are some differing opinions about whether or not to use glass, despite the fact the glass protects your work from dirt, smoke, insects and curious hands. A glass that filters out damaging UV light will help prevent irrebersible fading and damage. To prevent problems with dampness which could lead to mold and mildew, the glass should be separated from the needlework by at least 1/8 inch. This is usually done with a double mat, a fabric liner or spacers.

If you´re not sure how your needlework was framed, bring it into our experts and they´ll gladly give you some advice and how to best preserve it.

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Whether you´re looking to win ´Best in Show” or simply want to hand your treasured needlework at home, we can help you showcase your work so it´s preserved and presently to it´s best!

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