Selecting a Frame

The style of your frame should always flatter the art it surrounds!

If the art you want to use isn´t the same style as your room, that´s OK. We can help you choose a frame that serves as a bridge between the different styles. An ornate frame may work well with abstract art to help it work in a classic space or a fresh look for traditional art can be achieved when paired with a soft contemporary frame style.

1_ppg smaWhat about the width of your frame?

Many people assume narrow frames are for small pictures only and larger works of art should be pared with wider frames.

This isn´t always the case. Wider frames can benefitt smaller pieces by calling attention to them. The width of the frame can also be used to relate the framed art to the scale of your room or furnishings. Generallyn you shouldn´t overpower a room with a frame that´s too large for the space or under-power the artwork with too small a frame.

1_ppg shadowHow wide or deep should a frame be?

Our deeper frames are generally used to create shadowboxes for framing mementoes and such.

However, the same frames can provide great solutions when framing art. When the art is placed forward in the frame, the added depth projects the art towards you. If the art will be hanging in a bookcase or similar area, a deeper frame helps offset the recess. We can also rrecess the art into the deeper frame, adding depth and drama.

1_ppgstacked-framesMultiple Frames

It used to be a common practice to combine more than one frame to make a single one!

This technique is called stacking. Stacking frames enables us to mix colours, styles and  textures to co-ordinate with your art. This techinque also helps us provide you with a frame of a grander scale for a large or a special piece. Ask one of our expert framers about this.